What We May Become

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What We May Become


      It is my pleasure to welcome you to the New Orleans Counseling Center’s blog.

My name is Thomas Fewer, founder and director of the New Orleans Counseling Center.

The purpose of this blog is to explore what we know about the psyche and to open up a

meaningful discussion about what we don’t know. Despite the vast technological knowledge

of the material world our culture possesses, we continue to remain a mystery to ourselves. In

the realm of the psyche, we are tempted when faced with painful experiences, to look for a quick

way to eliminate or solve the problems so as to “move on with our lives.”  This course of action

allows us to continue functioning normally, and yet we may be missing out on an invitation to

a deeper, more lasting relationship to what lies below the surface of our conscious awareness.

    One such way to form a relationship to what lies beneath the surface of our minds is through  

studying the theory and practice of Depth psychology. Depth psychology deals with therapy and

research that take the unconscious into account. Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud were the early

pioneers of Depth psychology and their theories continue to impact us today.













   Depth psychology acknowledges the fact that our waking consciousness is only a very small part of

who we are.  It seeks to understand the images and symbols produced by the unconscious in order to

unite them with the conscious mind; creating a unified whole within the personality. Depth psychology

also offers ways to understand the connection between matter and the psyche; creating a unified whole

between us and the world.

      This blog will highlight the contributions of key figures in the history of Depth psychology including

Freud, Jung, William James and James Hillman to name a few. It will also delve into areas of human

experience such as intuition, dreams, quantum physics, imagination, mythology and spirituality in hopes

of shedding some light on both what we are and what we may become. 

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