Classes and Seminars

Time can be a taskmaster or a window to Eternity depending on how you experience it.

Are you interested in exploring your relationship to Time?

The New Orleans Counseling Center will offer “A Moment In Time,” a special five-week course which explores different concepts of time and how our conception of time impacts our lives.

TOPICS ADDRESSED: This course aims to expand awareness of the wide differentiation in the cultural beliefs and experiences of time that exist throughout the world. Each session addresses not just quantity of time but also the quality of time. The first two sessions are about the Christian, Greek and Gnostic concepts of time as well as the I Ching. The last three sessions present ideas about time orders, the place of time in the mystery of life, living in the now, and how we stand at every moment on the frontier of time.

Readings from Carl Jung’s “Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Priciple” will be incorporated into each meeting.

This course is limited to 8 people and participants are encouraged to purchase the “This Moment in Time” workbook as soon as their registration is confirmed due to shipping times. The text can be found here: The price for the course is $150.

What: A Moment In Time
Where: Podesta Wellness, 4322 Canal St., New Orleans, 70119
When: Thursdays from 6:30-8 p.m., May 4-June 1, 2017
Cost: $150 (There are no refunds for missed sessions)

To register please contact Thomas Fewer at

About: Centerpoint Courses open this world to those who search for the meaning of their lives and for values rooted in something richer than the dictates of our current culture. The written works bring the wisdom of our inner world into dialogue with the reality of the outer world. The courses draw from the insights of C. G. Jung, Joseph Campbell, and generations of respected Jungian analysts.