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Individual Therapy in New Orleans

So many things can pull us away from feeling fully alive and from having meaningful relationships, to ourselves and to others. I enjoy helping people strengthen their belief in themselves and become less alienated. Therapy with me is about bringing awareness to behavior and thought patterns that no longer serve you. Without recognition of these patterns it is impossible to make a conscious decision to be/do something new. You never know what’s possible when you bring energy and imagination to the parts of your self that need attention.

I work with individuals on issues pertaining to anxiety, depression, relationships, addiction and self-actualization. Together we collaborate to create meaning from experiences and purpose for lives.

My counseling style is psychodynamic. The vast majority of the psyche exists beneath the surface of conscious awareness. Understanding who you really are involves exploring what the unconscious is saying to the conscious mind. This can be done with dreamwork, developing intuition and by engaging your imagination.

I also offer “walk and talk” therapy sessions at Audubon Park, City Park and on the levees.



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