New Orleans Counseling Center

Thank you for visiting this website.  My name is Thomas Fewer and the New Orleans Counseling Center is a private practice that specializes in helping adults become who they are meant to be.

The therapeutic relationship is a powerful healing force. Therapy helps you access and activate your natural ability to grow from experiences. It can also be a place where you peel back the layers of your “idealized self” to reveal and re-learn what it means to be your genuine self.  It is possible to change and to live a meaningful, balanced and joyful life.

I also specialize in the practice of depth psychology.  Depth psychology acknowledges that humans have an unconscious mind that needs to be listened to, explored and integrated with the conscious mind.

I am committed to delivering you the highest quality of care possible. Personality growth occurs naturally when we remove the barriers that keep us frozen in fear. My mission is simply to help you reach your full creative potential as a person.




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